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About Exodus. 

The Story & for Exodus Production EPK

Exodus Transitional Community delivers innovative programming tailored to adults and youth affected by the justice system, and advocates for a society in which all can achieve social, economic, and spiritual well–being. Exodus Transitional Community has three different approaches when it comes to serving the needs and rehabilitating former and currently incarcerated individuals and at-risk groups. These approaches are holistic, personal, and collaborative strategies to get the best out of a situation.

With the success and progress that Exodus had made, it was time to expand into an area to give the aforementioned at-risk groups a place and opportunity to rehabilitate and express themselves. Thus Exodus Production was created for that reason.

Exodus Productions is a brand new entertainment development center that allows for music and podcast creation for those who don't have the means to do so. At Exodus Productions, it’s believed that music has holistic properties. Music is a form of therapy, art, academic studies, and more. The new music studio will be a staple not only for the hundreds of participants of Exodus Transitional Community but to the Harlem community as a whole. 

Exodus Productions has had success with bringing in critically acclaimed musicians and local talent to use the facility. As of late, Exodus Productions has put together an impressive roster of hungry artists ready to make their mark locally and nationwide. The artists are Roc Rilla, [Insert other artist names] to name a few. These artists are not only using the space as a form of therapy but to also generate opportunities for themselves and their career. The Exodus Production team does plan to expand and continue to add artists and talented creatives to the team

Stay tuned for all updates by checking out the Instagram @ExoProductions or the website With new music and music videos on the way, be the first to check it out and share it with your friends and loved ones.

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