Roc Rilla (Raphael Jefferson) is a raw, high-energy, lyrical
rapper born and raised in the South Bronx, New York. Roc
Rilla's energy on the mic can match any newcomer while his
lyrical prowess that pays homage to the area and forefathers
that introduced the art form to the masses. Roc’s music is a
mixture of the raw materials. But it comes from a genuine
place. It’s the perfect blend of pain, love, and the lifestyle of a
real-life Rockstar.


Raine, born and raised in Highbridge New York(The Bronx) 

From the age of 5, Raine entertained family and friends and began writing songs to help with her childhood trauma. 

Known as “silvareign” now 

raines mission is to sing through her pain and create songs that allows people to ride the frequency wave and enter her world.