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  • What are your 3 Top Values?
    Relationship with God, My Family and Education
  • Biggest Influences?
    My parents, my daughter, and the various relationships I have built over the years.
  • Favorite Fashion Brands?
    Nike, Zara, Balenciaga, Gucci & Ralph Lauren
  • Hobbies?
    Physical fitness and Reading
  • Foods?
    Asian Thai, Spanish and West Indian food
  • Drinks?
    Not much of a drinker but I will do D’usse’ or glass of Red Wine on occasion.
  • Place you grew up at?
    I have lived in several places in New York state since coming to the U.S from Jamaica. Some of which include Manhattan, the Bronx, and Orange County.
  • Top 5 places you like to Travel?
    Morocco, Germany, Dubai, Greece, and Jamaica
  • Goals In Life?
    Pay off my parents’ house and create generational wealth for my children.
  • Accomplishments?
    Becoming a father, learning how to produce beats, record and engineer my own records.
  • Personality?
    Driven, genuine to fault, inquisitive, kind, caring, creative, outgoing but also a private person and highly observant and solitude when needed.
  • Must Know Facts?
    Maintaining my relationship with God is my highest priority next to raising my daughter.
  • Describe yourself in 1 sentance
    Detail-oriented and spiritually in-tune.
  • Proudest Accomplishments
    Becoming a father
  • Goals for 2021 & 2022?
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  • Type Of Personality
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  • 3 Unique Features about yourself?
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  • Obstacles You've been through?
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  • People you love & why?
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  • Anything specific you want highligted in bio?
  • Upcoming Ventures & Drops
    Currently in the process of releasing new music with an EP project on the way.
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